Get Set-Up For Success In The Kitchen 4 Week Program



Are you looking to:

-Make healthier food choices for you and/or your family?

-Learn about foods for dealing with ADD, Asthma, Digestive Issues, Behavioral Issues and Weight Loss?

-Feel fit and fabulous in your body?

-Have an organized/well-stocked kitchen that makes you want to cook?

-Understand food labels to make healthy choices?

-Become calm and comfortable about what to eat, how to prepare it and store it for maximum freshness?

-Get personal coaching by a chef to learn knife skills, meal creation and preparation to get nutritious meals on the table easily and quickly?

In this 4 week program you will have your very own Kitchen Coach guide you every step of the way in accomplishing living the vibrant life you desire!

4 Week Get Set-Up for Success In The Kitchen Course

Rather than playing the guessing game of “is this healthy?” and “what should I eat today?”,
Joyce will hold your hand and help you get cooking and build confidence knowing that you’ve
set yourself up for success immediately and for the long run. Here is how the 4 Week Get Set-
Up for Success In The Kitchen Course will transform your kitchen, how you shop for groceries, and help you make the right decisions about what and how to cook, and establish goals as well as a strategy to achieve them:

Week 1: Kitchen Clean-Out and Make-Over

This session will start by establishing your health goals, followed by a thorough evaluation and clean-out of your kitchen, refrigerator and pantry so you can ditch the junk, de-clutter, organize and make room for the new stuff!

Week 2: Grocery Store Tour

We will focus on going isle by isle to nutritionally upgrade your shopping cart, learn how to shop for what needs to be organic and on a budget, find new and exciting foods and how to avoid those traps where you end up purchasing items you later regret because they aren’t healthy or end up going to waste. You will have a sense of control like never before once you know how to navigate like a pro!

Week 3: Private In-Home Cooking Lesson

You will discover the fun in cooking while in the comfort of your own kitchen. With personal guidance and support from Joyce, you will be able to expand your confidence in your cooking skills and learn lots of amazing tips on how to cook efficiently with your budget, taste buds and health all working in unison to create delicious, nourishing meals.

Week 4: Sustainable Results Strategy Session

During the 4th and final session of the 4 Week Get Set-Up for Success In The Kitchen Course, you and Joyce will work together to reinforce everything you’ve learned during the first 3 sessions and develop a step-by-step action plan to creating sustainable results.

After completion of this course, you will have created a new foundation for your health and kitchen. This foundation will allow you to make high quality, stress free decisions that are in line with your personal desires. That structure and confidence will free you and allow you to live more happily and healthily.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and create the changes you desire?

Investment in this program and yourself is $997

Payment Plan Option & Pay In Full Discount Available
Pay in Full: $947 ($50 Discount!)
Payment Plan: 2 Installments of $498.50

** Food costs are not included in this pricing. A complete list of items to purchase will be given so you can shop or, I can do the shop and present a receipt for reimbursement.

If this sounds like you, then book a call with Joyce to chat about your personal goals and a, “Get Set-Up For Success In The Kitchen Course” start date.